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Debating Course

Start anytime, online / in person available, all levels welcomed

At Links Education, we bring to you the most qualified debaters and their coaching programs, providing you with the best tools to enhance your debating skills on all levels.

Our dedicated team of professionals has designed comprehensive and customized coaching programs to cater to all levels of expertise, from beginners to advanced and even expert debaters.

Our programs are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, covering various topics including but not limited to beginners' basics, advanced techniques, and everything in between. We pride ourselves on our team of highly skilled and experienced debaters who have competed, won, and excelled at all levels of the debating world.

Our goal is to help you achieve your full potential, becoming a better debater, a more confident speaker, and an overall more informed individual.
Sample Format: 
1. Mini Lecture (Motion / skills / topic based)​

2. Sparring
3. Speech breakdown / brief individual feedback after each speech

4. Overall feedback after round ends 

5. Motion Breakdown and suggested case
Guest Speaker

A sneak peak of some of the qualifications of our coaches: 

- current coach of 5 local and international EMI schools, as well as universities 
- 2019 Worlds University Debate Championship, Partial-Double Octo-Finalist
- 2019 United Asians Debate Championship, Semi-Finalist
- 2020 Asian British Parliamentary Championship, Semi-Finalist
- 2020 Australasian Debate Championship, Octo-Finalist
- 2021 Worlds Debate Open, Grand Finalist
- Currently coach of a Band 1A EMI school, and training officer for CUHK English Debate Team
- 2022 Ningbo International Tournament top 10 speaker, Open Semi-finalist
- 2022 Northeast Asian Debate Championship, 23rd Open Speaker, Open Quarter-Finalist
- 2023 Intertext Sarawak Debate Open, 4th Open Breaking Team, Champion, Overall Best Speaker, Finals Best Speaker
- 2023 SUNDO (Sunway Debate Open), Open Quarter-Finalist, 4th Novice Speaker, 25th Open Speaker
- 2023 Borneo British Parliamentary Championship, Open Semi-Finalist, 11th Open Speaker
- 2018 St. Stephen’s College Inaugural Debate Challenge, Grand Champion, Top 10 Speaker
- 2021 HKSSDC, Grand Champion, 3 times Best Speaker, Grand Finals Best Speaker
- 2020 London Open—Summer Edition, 5th School’s Speaker, 9th Novice Speaker
- HK International Debate Challenge, 3rd Novice Speaker
- 2022 Intertext Sarawak Debate Open, 4th best speaker, Grand Champion
- 2023 SUNDO (Sunway Debate Open), Novice Quarter-finalist

- 2023 Borneo British Parliamentary Championship, Open Semi-Finalist

Where better debating begins

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